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Lodgement of Security Bond Money

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Rental Property Details

1 Step 1:
Please provide the address of the residential property and confirm if the bond relates to a residential parks (long-stay) tenancy agreement. The tenancy start date must also be entered.

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Tenant 1  
Not to be used for Commercial Tenancies
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Postal Address (If different from Rental Property Address)
2 Step 2:
Indicate whether the tenant is an organisation.

Provide full legal name, mobile telephone number and email address for every tenant on the bond. You can add more tenants by clicking on the 'Add Tenant' button.

Should the tenants require correspondence to be sent to a different mailing address please specify. It should be noted that only one mailing address can be requested in relation to the bond being lodged.

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Lessor(s) / Park Operator
Lessor 1  
Not to be used for Commercial Tenancies
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3 Step 3:
Indicate whether the lessor / park operator is an organisation and whether the owner is a park operator.

Please provide each owners/lessors full legal name and specify their addresses and telephone contact information. Bonds Administration will not contact owners directly where a property is managed by an agent.

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Agent / Managing Party
4 Step 4:
Indicate whether the property is managed by a licensed agent / private agent.

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Bond Money
The maximum allowable pet bond is $260
Automatically calculated
Payment Method
(Name of Customer(s) giving the DDR) authorise the DMIRS ACPA User 067469. To arrange for funds to be debited from my/our account at the financial institution identified below and as prescribed through the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS). The authorisation is to remain in force in accordance with the terms described in the service agreement (www.dmirs.wa.gov.au/bondsddr).
5 Step 5:
Indicate the Weekly Rent Amount, number of weeks and sum amount. Indicate the Pet Bond Amount. Use the button to calculate the total security bond.

Also indicate the date the bond was paid to lessor / park operator / agent, and if there was a Department of Housing amount.

Indicate the Payment Method by making a selection from the list of options. If Direct Debit is selected, you will be required to fully complete the direct debit agreement.

Note that cash and other payments can only be accepted in person at an office of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

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Form Validation

6 Step 6:
Click on the 'Validate' button.

If any required information is missing, you will be prompted to provide it before continuing.

Once the form is validated, a PDF document will be produced and made available to download and/or print out. Use this form to collect signatures from all parties named on the form and send it to the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, with the payment.
If you experience any problem filling in the online form, download a blank form to complete

1. Timeframe
All Residential Tenancy Bonds must be lodged with Bonds Administration as soon as practicable and within 14 days of receiving the bond. Penalties apply for late lodgement of bonds.
2. Maximum Security Bond
Residential Tenancy
  • No more than 4 weeks rent (weekly rent $1200 or less)
  • No limit on bond amount (weekly rent more than $1200)
  • $260 pet bond (Not applicable to assistance dogs)
Residential Park (Long Stay)
  • No more than 4 weeks rent
  • $260 pet bond (Not applicable to assistance dogs)
3. Completing the Form
This form should be physically signed by all tenant(s) and the lessor(s)/property manager. Electronically generated signatures, including cut and pasted images or eSignature software such as DocuSign are not accepted.

If all parties cannot sign the form within the timeframe, the bond must still be lodged, however you should contact Bonds Administration for further instructions to avoid future delays.

You must ensure that the bank account details provided on the form are correct and that the account is able to accept direct debits. Direct debiting is not available on all accounts, i.e. online savings accounts and home loan accounts.
4. Requirement to Give Receipt
A receipt must be issued immediately by the person receiving the security bond. The receipt must specify the date the bond was received, name of the person(s) paying the bond, amount paid, amount of any pet bond and address of the premises for which the bond has been paid.
5. Tenant and Lessor/Property Manager to Receive Copy of Record of Payment
Bonds Administration will send a copy of the Record of Payment of Security Bond to the tenant(s) and the lessor(s) / property manager once the bond is lodged. Please keep this Record.

If the Record of Payment of Security Bond is not received as above, please contact Bonds Administration by email at bondsadmin@dmirs.wa.gov.au to make sure it has been lodged correctly.

Details shown on the Record of Payment of Security Bond will be required and used by either party to the bond should they make an application to a court to determine the disposal of security bond under Schedule 1, clause 8 of the Residential Tenancies Act 1987.
6. Management of Personal Information
Bonds Administration’s Management of Personal Information Policy is available at www.dmirs.wa.gov.au/bonds-mpi. Where a bond relates to a Department of Communities (Housing) bond assistance loan, information about the bond may be disclosed to Housing for the purposes of administering the Bond Assistance Loan Scheme.
Seek advice immediately if you need more information
For Translating and Interpreting Services please telephone TIS on 13 14 50 and ask to speak to the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety advice line (1300 30 40 54) for help and assistance.