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Approval of Variation Changes by Lessor(s) / Park Operator / Agent

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1. Maximum Security Bond
Residential Tenancy
  • No more than 4 weeks rent (weekly rent $1200 or less)
  • No limit on bond amount (weekly rent more than $1200)
  • $260 pet bond (Not applicable to assistance dogs)
Residential Park (Long Stay)
  • No more than 4 weeks rent
  • $100 Long-stay Security Access Bond
  • $100 pet bond (Not applicable to assistance dogs)
2. Completing the Form
All signatories to the lodgement of the security bond will be required to sign the Joint Application for Disposal of Security Bond at the completion of the tenancy.

The completed form should be clearly scanned and emailed to (preferred).

Alternatively, the form can be mailed to:
Bond Administrator
Locked Bag 100
East Perth WA 6892
3. Requirement to Give Receipt
A receipt must be issued immediately by the person receiving the security bond. The receipt must specify the date the bond was received, name of the person(s) paying the bond, amount paid and address of the premises for which the bond has been paid. A residential parks bond receipt must also specify the amount of any pet bond taken.
4. Tenant and Lessor/Property Manager to Receive Copy of Record of Variation
Bonds Administration will send a copy of the Record of Variation of Security Bond (Record of Variation) to the tenant(s) and the lessor(s)/property manager once the bond is lodged. Please keep this Record.

If the Record of Variation is not received as above, please contact Bonds Administration by email at to make sure it has been lodged correctly.

Details shown on the Record of Variation will be required and used by either party to the bond should they make an application to a Court to determine the disposal of security bond under Schedule 1, clause 8 of the Residential Tenancies Act 1987
5. Management of Personal Information
Bonds Administration's Management of Personal Information policy is available at Where a bond relates to a Department of Communities (Housing) Bond Assistance Loan, information about the bond may be disclosed to Housing for the purposes of administering the Bond Assistance Loan Scheme.
Seek advice immediately if you need more information
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